The Belgian logtech scale-up SupplyStack launched its new Time Slot Booking solution today, and it comes as a welcome relief to warehouse managers who are desperately looking to bring order to the chaos. “The COVID-19 pandemic is stretching yard management to its limits. Not only has the volatility of incoming trucks increased, shippers are also implementing safety precautions, for example reducing the number of simultaneous drivers allowed on the yard.” said Alex Lisitzky, Head of Product and co-founder at SupplyStack. 

SupplyStack’s latest innovation launches amidst turbulent times where people are swamped and ‘good enough’ procedures just don’t cut it anymore. “For our team it’s very gratifying that we can launch our Time Slot Booking solution in times when it’s most needed. But this is only the beginning. Combined with our TMS and Control Tower, SupplyStack is uniquely positioned to help shippers transition towards collaborative and data-driven logistics.” Alex continued.

Making collaboration between shippers, LSPs and carriers easy

Shippers are often blindfolded and can only guess when trucks will be showing up at their loading docks. “This leads to periods of congestion and long waiting times on the yard, followed by quiet periods that introduce costly idle time in our warehouse. This is frustrating for both sides, in an already complicated relationship between shippers and carriers.”, explains Alex. SupplyStack’s Time Slot Booking Solution is designed to offer carriers an easy way of scheduling slots and updating milestones, introducing predictability and transparency throughout the process. “Warehouse managers can improve their workforce planning based on the scheduled slots and expected trucks, whereas carriers have guaranteed loading slots reserved for them, speeding up truck turnaround times while reducing driver waiting time. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Alex explains. 

Eliminating spreadsheets, phone calls and emails

Companies are amidst the crisis trying to keep on top of the chaos and often rely on manual processes. “It’s clear that warehouse managers relying on spreadsheets, phone calls and emails are struggling to keep up. Nothing is going as planned: drivers are quarantined, border control is leading to huge delays while the workforce is understaffed due to illness.” Alex says. “Our Time Slot Booking solution is lightweight and up and running in no time so shippers can digitalize the process and immediately see the positive impact on their operations.”

SupplyStack is offering a 1 month free trial, with no limitations. “User experience is key throughout all our products and the best way to showcase this is to allow people to experience it themselves. Getting your warehouse managers and carriers onboard means it needs to be simple and easy to use.” Alex highlights. 

Visibility - anticipate on what’s coming

During this covid-19 crisis ‘real-time visibility’ has suddenly become top of mind for a lot of companies. “But we believe that just having real-time visibility brings you zero value. The real potential of ‘real-time visibility’ is when you successfully integrate this data to improve your processes. For example, we integrate GPS data from the carriers’s telematics device or our own smartphone app, and use this to calculate ETA and update milestone actual.” Alex explains.

The future is data-driven logistics

Managing transportation will never be the same post corona-crisis. Shippers realize they need to reinvent their supply chain and logistics processes to be more resilient. “The current crisis is actually accelerating the change that was already started: supply chains become more data driven. The possibility to combine Time Slot Booking with our TMS and Control Tower makes us uniquely positioned to help shippers transition towards a collaborative and data-driven logistics. ” Alex says.



Alex Lisitzsky

Written by Alex Lisitzsky

Head of Product at SupplyStack


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